My work in the Studio

As an artist I’m not interested in existing realities but in those that only become visible through painting. The search for these own pictorial worlds determines my work as a painter. The process of painting itself often fascinates, which, once started, evolves as if by itself. The pictorial problem, which ultimately brings with it any argument with the canvas or a blank sheet, captivates with the promise of having a result ready in response. Each answer, however, is replaced by a new question that raises the work in the making. Thus, the actual image idea often overtakes itself, and becomes something unforeseen in the development process. The viewer is invited to another universe, to a ‘own seeing’. I am currently working on further series to prepare for exhibitions. Existing results are continuously developed and their quality questioned. For this I search always the critical eye well-known teacher, currently with great inspiration and equally great challenge by Markus Lüpertz.